Quotes & Appointments

How can I receive a quote for my piece? There are several ways to get a quote! You can fill out our “request a quote” form or email your inquiry directly to pigment@piedmontpaint.com. You can also bring your piece into the shop and we can take a look at it in person. 

How long is my quote good for? 90 days unless stated otherwise.

What do you take into account when calculating the quote for my piece?     We take into account the current condition of the piece, if repairs are needed, material of the item to be painted, size of the piece, additional sheen top coat, hand painted details, antiqued or faux finish desired, additional colors, special order for materials, etc.

How long does it take to calculate a quote? 2-3 business days

Do I need to make an appointment? An appointment is needed for color and design consultations. Email pigment@piedmontpaint.com or call our office at 434-296-0900 to schedule an appointment. 

Do you offer on-site or in-home visits?Yes. Please contact pigment@piedmontpaint.com if you are interested in an on-site visit/consultation.



Services Offered

Do you lacquer things? We can offer a high-gloss, water based lacquer that does not yellow over time and is more durable than solvent based products. We do not provide high-gloss lacquer, factory-finishes. We can provide a high-gloss look but it falls under a premium artistic finish and is priced accordingly.

Do you offer powder coating? No.

Do you strip and refinish with new stain? No. However, we are happy to discuss similar finish options using more environmentally friendly products. 

Do you strip hardware? On a case by case basis.

Do you offer sandblasting? With baking soda, we are able to offer soda-blasting which achieves the same results as sandblasting.

Do you paint kitchen cabinets? Yes. We paint the doors and drawers in shop and partner with Piedmont Paint for on-site painting. 

Can you paint metal? Yes.

Can you paint plastic? Sure can!

Can you paint outdoor furniture? Yes.

Can you paint bamboo and rattan? No problem!

What faux finishes do you offer? We are able to replicate the look of faux stone including marble and malachite, wood grain, venetian plaster, sandstone/textured wall, brushed suede, patinas, bricks, tree bark, rocks, scenic murals, strié and much more!

Do you offer antiquing and/or distressing? Yes, we use a variety of methods and techniques to achieve your desired aged or weathered look.  

My piece needs repair before painting, is that something you can do? Yes, we are able to complete minor repairs.

Do you offer decorative wall and floor painting? Yep! We love to collaborate to make your most colorful dreams come true.  

If I have new hardware, will you install it for me? Yes, we absolutely will! We can even fill old hardware holes and drill news ones to accommodate a different hardware setup. 

Anything & Everything Paint

What products do you use? We use a variety of products including James T. Davis, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, ML Campbell, Good Bones Furniture Paint and others. Each project is unique and we are happy to discuss the best paint product for your piece. We always try to be eco-friendly and use low-VOC or zero-VOC paints for low odor and toxicity. 

What painting methods do you use?Most of the time we spray paint using an air powered spray gun. We also hand paint pieces for more custom finishes and effects.

What top coats/sheens do you offer?Matte/flat, satin, semi gloss and gloss.

Can I buy paint from you? You can purchase Good Bones Furniture Paint in our storefront. 

Can you mix custom colors? Yes. This even goes for Good Bones Furniture Paint!

Can you color match to a paint chip I already have? Absolutely!

Can I bring my own paint for you to use? Yes! We require that your paint product be a new, unused and unopened can. We will not accept anything that is solvent based.

How should I prepare my piece for painting? Please remove any contents from the piece and clean it to the best of your ability.

Once my piece is finished, do you provide touch up paint? Upon request, we can give you a sample jar of touch up paint.

How do I care for my painted piece after it leaves the shop? It is best not to place your painted pieces in direct sunlight or expose them to extreme heat and humidity. Please take extreme caution when moving the piece from our storefront to your piece's new home. We recommend using moving blankets and padding for transport protection. 

What cleaning products should I use on my painted piece? A slightly damp rag and mild soap will do just the trick! You should avoid using any harmful or abrasive cleaning products at all costs. 

Various Shop Info

What is your turnaround time? Our typical turnaround is 2-3 weeks. Due to the nature of shop production, that can easily fluctuate. Please call our office, 434-296-0900, for the current turnaround time.

Do you store furniture? No. We require that all pieces to be picked up within 14 days of completion. Your piece will incur a $50 storage fee per each subsequent week not picked up.

Do I need to make a deposit? A deposit is required on jobs amounting to $1000 or over. 

Do you pick up and deliver? No. However, we work closely with and highly recommend Silent Movers.

What methods of payments do you accept? Cash, check or any major credit card. All payments must be made within 30 days of project completion. 

Do you have furniture for sale? Yes, we have a variety of furniture for sale in our storefront.

Do you buy furniture? Yes, on a case by case basis.

Do you consign furniture? No.

Do you ship furniture? Yes, on a case by case basis.