“I recall my first visit to the Pigment studio at McIntire Plaza where I was blown away by the variety and scope of projects offered. I incorrectly assumed that large-scale painting projects were the sole focus of the  business (such as the warehouse walls in The Gym), but was pleasantly surprised to see a wide array of services such as benches, dressers, sculptural décor, dining  tables, etc. I was also drawn to the  finishes on the furniture, such as leather handles and bright pops of color - giving the studio a proverbial Pinterest feel. The staff has always been exceptionally friendly, offering advice on color schemes and design elements therefore making Pigment the obvious choice for Woodard Properties’ mural projects. Communication with Christy and Charlie was seamless and we could not be happier with the results of both murals, the “Bubble Boy” painted on Circa (also in McIntire Plaza) and “GeoBuffalo,” painted on the building located at 1010 Wertland St. in Charlottesville. On behalf of Woodard Properties, I highly recommend Pigment.” - Sarah Daley, Woodard Properties